Facebook-Gruppe: Winnetou - The Beginning

12. Oktober 2016


Karl May Winnetou


Geschlossene Gruppe auf Facebook, die über ein Filmprojekt (seit Jahren) laufend orientiert. Aber auch viele interessante und anschauliche Bilder zu Winnetou I veröffentlicht. Aktuelle Illustrationen zu Textpassagen aus dem Buch. Von Zeit zu Zeit werde ich hier Beispiele aufnehmen.

Hier der Link zur Website (für all die, welche auf Facebook angemeldet sind)

12. Oktober 2016

"We rode pleasantly into the nice fall morning, talked about the planned railway project and everything that lay on our hearts. White gave me the necessary co-ordinates to join onto his section and we stopped at a water hole for a sparse lunch. Then White and his scout rode off and we stayed a while, talking about religious matters. Hawkens was in fact a pious man, though he didn’t push it onto others." Winnetou 1



26. September 2016

"Mr. Bancroft, the chief engineer was the most informed of them, but it soon became evident that he liked his brandy. There were some vats of this minddulling drink brought from Santa Fe and since that time he had busied himself more with the brandy than with surveying." Winnetou I


18. September 2016

Do you see it?” whispered Sam. In spite of his excitement he spoke softly, although the horse could not possibly have heard us. “Didn’t I say they were coming? That is the scout who has come to see if it’s safe. A wily stallion, the way he looks and sniffs in every direction. We won’t be found though. We have the wind in our face. That’s why I chose this spot.” Winnetou I






28. August 2016

"Bancroft sneered. “This Greenhorn doesn’t know the difference between a triangle and a rectangle, yet he imagines himself to be a surveyor. We didn’t make any progress because he did everything backwards and held us back. And now, instead of realizing and admitting it, he would slander us and sully our reputation so …” Winnetou I












21. August 2016

“The devil take you!” he thundered, cursing as he went to the wagon where the brandy was. I saw him fill a beaker full of brandy and knew that he would drink until he could drink no more." Winnetou I









14. August 2016

"Not long after we came upon a shallow and flat, wide streambed now fully dried up. It was one of those beds that take up spring runoff from the mountains. Once that is gone it stays dry the rest of the time." Winnetou I